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Prices of our services:    USD
Creation of main and thematic pages design. Compilation of less then 10 thematic pages    250
Creation of page design (two variants), simple animation. Compilation of less then 15 thematic pages    300
Creation of complex main page design (three variants to choose), complex animation. Compilation of less then 25 thematic pages    400
Flash splash screen for the web-site    100
Flash-banner    15
GIF-banner    4
Set of banners (88х31; 100х100; 120х60; 468х60; flash-banner)    30
Post form    15
News    50
Articles    50
Guest book    35
Connection of already made forum    50
Voting system    20
Site maintenance (per month)    10
Site advancement and promotion (4 monthes) (site optimisation for searching machines, registration in catalogues and ratings, key words selection, advertising on the bulletin boards) (per month)    100

   During cashless payment Your payment must be produced in UAH on NBU rate at the day of the payment.
   Front money - 50% from the work cost.
   Prices are put in USD.


   Total cost of web-site development depends on design complexity, number of pages and programming efforts.

   All prices are approximate; complexity and cost are determined particularly with each customer.

   If customer wants so, selection and registration of the domain name will be inckuded into the web-site creation.

   Our web-studio propose advantageous hosting conditions to the customers.

   Development of the web-site in two languages increases its price in 1,5 times (for ukrainian, english and deutch languages).

   Alterations during the development of the web-site can increase the price up to 100% from the total cost depending on the complexity of changes.

   We accept Web Money:
   WMID 266400110444
   WMZ Z360897338384

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