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   Web-design studio AdelWeb specializes on web-sites development and provides the next services in this area:
- Web-design;
- Web-site creation;
- Hosting (PHP, MySQL);
- Domain name registration;
- Web-sites support;
- Web-sites promotion;

   The main foundations, which we hold in web-design can be formulated as follows:

- Comfort: consists in comfortable work with the web-site; in other words, on the web-site must be provided good navigation and readability of the information, as well as the site ability to be quickly loaded and to work correctly in any browser.
- Functionality: consists in well thought-out site software, which fit to the quality requirements of users and web-resource owner.
- Originality: consists in distinctive features of the web-site.

   Also support and permanent development of the internet-project are necessary, which is much more important direction then site creation. The support means a complex of actions such as update of the existing web-resource, its adaptation to the current company's requests and market requirements. Main actions can be presented the next way:

- Support of the web-resource workability;
- Design of the new sections;
- Development of the functionalities and features;
- Web-site promotion.

Our last work:

[Web-site fan-club singer Axel Luna] Web-site fan-club singer Axel Luna

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